His smile sent chills down my spine and everything in me was saying something was wrong, so I spun around and shot behind me, I fell for his bluff. My feet were swept from under me, and the guy jumped on top of me, catching his gun and putting it to my head. “You’re a cautious fella, aren’t ya?” He snickered.

“Ready to give up yet?” I said as I tried to squirm from under him.

“You’re a funny guy, Lorenzo.” He answered.

“And you’re a dead one.” I smiled as I used my feet to knock him into the bushes. His gun flew to a neighboring porch, with me in pursuit. I guess my gunshot must’ve scared someone, because I heard sirens in the distance. The man got up from the bushes and I emptied the clip in his direction before I ran to the apartment. The cops were on their way so we gotta move. I yelled for Margo, but silence answered in her stead. I looked around and figured she wasn’t in the apartment.

Did she go somewhere? Did she hear the fighting and run? Nah, Margo would’ve said something, so did they take her while I was at the store? Was she taken while I was fighting? If it’s the latter, I might be able to catch up. If I was at the store, then I would have to find where they’re hiding her. Now I wish I didn’t shoot that man. I grabbed a knife and placed my new pistol in my pocket. It stood out, so I took it out and dug it into the back of my pants. I ran to the back door, passing a note on the fridge. I turned around and read it.

Getting ice, be back in 10 🙂